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Two New Ways to Find Great Spots

September 29, 2021

New to a city and don’t know where to head for dinner? Want to mix up your daily routine and find a new local spot? We’re coming at you with two of our top secrets for finding the gems that will leave your friends wondering, in amazement, “How did you find this place?”

Tip #1: Search within hospitality/restaurant groups

It’s no secret we’re suckers for good design. We admitted that we sometimes travel just for a cute hotel, and we even wrote a love letter to Kelly Wearstler.

So, now that we’re all on the same page, let’s agree that a well-designed restaurant is more than just Instagrammable! A well-appointed find can transport you to another place and change the way you carry yourself. You know when you walk into a restaurant and just feel the vibe? That’s the kind of place we love, and one way to find said spots is by researching dominant design or hospitality groups in your city and making it a point to check out their various locations.

In addition to great design, these places usually have great music and, of course, great food. If you have a single spot you love, you can usually scroll to the bottom of the website and see if a larger hospitality group is listed. Or, if you have no place to start, simply Google “Best Hospitality Groups [City Name].” Some of our favorite restaurant groups include Hogsalt in Chicago, Back of the House in San Francisco, Major Food Group in NYC, and h.wood in LA.

Tip #2: Think of something you’d love to buy and search for where to get it

If you’re into cool products, chances are you can get those cool products at cool places. We highly recommend checking out the “stockists” category on the websites of your favorite goods to suss out new local spots. You’ll probably find an epic wine bar with low ABV offerings via Ghia, a whimsical grocery store perfect for ambling via Táche, or a can’t miss charming boutique via Donni.

Image Source: Donni
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And there you have it! Two unconventional but ever effective ways to conduct our favorite kind of research — the kind for finding places we can’t wait to go next.

How do you research new spots? We want to know! DM us on Instagram @camberapp with your top tips.