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Thank you, Kelly Wearstler

September 9, 2021

Image Source: Dezeen

There are few things as #CamberApproved as a Kelly Wearstler designed hotel. Kelly (Ms. Wearstler? We respect her immensely) has a keen way of creating spaces that feel endlessly robust and undeniably inviting at once — each a mini built-out universe with architectural delights at every turn. Places full of character that feel thoughtful but unfussy, with plenty of room for memory-making, novel-reading, cocktail-sipping, and, of course, IG-photo-snapping.

Whether you’ll be touring these treasures IRL or via URL, here are some of our favorite Kelly Wearstler spots sure to inspire and please: 

The Santa Monica Proper

The Santa Monica Proper embodies the best of undone coastal sophistication. It makes you wish you were the type of person who could step right off a surfboard and plop down on a flax linen pouf to read Joan Didion with sea salt still in your hair. And hey, when you’re at the Proper, you can do just that. Our favorite corner of this neutrally tropical dreamscape is The Grotto, which houses an unreal collection of art, books, and books about art. 

Image Source: Design Hotels

The Proper San Francisco

The Proper San Francisco is eclectic and bookish — something like Tim Burton meets English fancy florals. Think patterned wallpaper, decadent velvets, and sweeping gallery walls. Housed in a restored 1909 Beaux-Arts style building, The Proper San Francisco has soul and personal flair. The best part? The hotel’s lobby is meant to emulate an intellectual salon, with plenty of plush seating sections for locals and travelers alike to settle in for lively conversation.

Image Source: Forbes

The Avalon Hotel

The Avalon is like a pocket of Palm Springs brought right to Beverly Hills. Equal parts sundrenched and secluded, it’s the type of place that reminds you of Old Hollywood while feeling entirely up-to-date. In fact, the Avalon boasted Marilyn Monroe amongst its most famed A-list guests. Our favorite feature of this tucked-away treasure is the lineup of colorful poolside cabanas, each ripe for privacy or people-watching — your pick. 

Image Source: Retail Design Blog