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Our Two Cents

Let’s show you how to use Camber!

August 18, 2021

Welcome to Camber, a platform for finding new places with familiar faces. We’re so excited you’re here. Let’s walk you through the major areas of the app!

On our app, there are 3 core features to help you discover places you can trust:

  1. People: Connect with your people to gather all their recommendations in one place
    • Looking for someone? Type in their name on the map search bar or tap the bell in the bottom righthand corner and go to the “People” tab. This will show you “People for You” based on your travel preferences and places that you’ve saved.
  2. Map: See all your places on a map view and discover recommendations near or far
    • From the map, search for a person whose travel style you admire or a location you might be interested in checking out. If you don’t have someone specific in mind, search for a city on the map to see other Camber community members’ recs. On the lefthand side, you can filter by places your people have been.
  3. Places: Save & share your places by city on your profile
    • Want to add a place? Hit that cute little pin in the center of the nav bar and search for a place you’re interested in visiting in the city of your choosing. Once you tap on the place, hit the blue “add to my lists” button on the bottom of the page and follow the steps to add your place to your dream destination.

Have questions or feedback? Well, we want to hear them. Join our community here or email us at Beware: we like sending emojis. 😉