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6 Chic Outdoor Places to go Glamping this Fall

November 3, 2021

Image Source: Getaway

Is it just us, or is the word glamping kind of weird? Like doesn’t it take something that should be beautiful, restorative, and nourishing and make it kind of … tacky? Maybe we should call them elevated outdoor experiences or maybe we should just call it adult camp, but either way here are six places for having fun outdoors in tents this fall — whatever you want to call it. 

1. Mendocino Grove

Image Source: @intentional.steph Instagram

For that classic “I slept in a tent” experience without the labor or lugging, we recommend Mendocino Grove for a fulfilling nature getaway. Highlights include: firepits for s’mores, bocce ball courts, and weekend yoga classes on the premises.

2. AutoCamp

Image Source: AutoCamp

With locations in Yosemite, Cape Cod, the Catskills, and beyond, AutoCamp has the cool factor covered all over the map. Choose between staying in a converted Airstream, a cabin, or a more traditional tent with the assurance that you can’t go wrong. This experience is perfect for those who want to “camp” with easy access to a café and general store. No shade at all because that is definitely us.

3. Getaway

Image Source: @martha_kirby Instagram

Getaway offers unplugged escapes from America’s biggest cities so that visitors can disconnect from wifi and reconnect with nature. Typically less than a two hour drive from any major city, a Getaway cabin is the type of place where you can wake up surrounded by the trees (helllooo floor-to-ceiling windows) but still have the enjoyment of running water and clean bathrooms.

4. Cabü

Image Source: @cabucabins Instagram

Cabü reminds us of what would happen if the Ace hotel were transported to the woods. The on-site swimming pool, communal living areas, sweeping views, and on-site shop to pick up weekend provisions make Cabü the perfect experiential escape.

5. Ventana Big Sur

Image Source: Ventana Big Sur

Talk about cozy with a luxury twist, the campgrounds at Ventana resort in Big Sur have biiiig Jenni Kayne energy. Ventana is the type of place that makes you want to curl up with a book by the fire or sit down at a picnic table in the trees and take a deep breath. Lantern-lit life chats on the porch encouraged, your coziest flannel shacket required.

6. Under Canvas

Image Source: Under Canvas

These safari-inspired tents are what stargazing dreams are made of. Under Canvas’ outdoor experiences will have you connected to nature faster than you can say “digital detox.” Oh, and they have West Elm furniture in their main lobby tents and patios so…sign us up.

Have you been glamping? Well then, we definitely want to hear about it. Share your story here!