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Our Los Angeles Ice Cream Hit List

May 25, 2022

Image via Saffron and Rose

Did someone say summer?!

We know, we know, it’s basically summer all year long here in LA, but there’s something about these rising temperatures and longer nights that make us crave a more frequent ice cream run after dinner.

Keep reading for our top spots when that sweet craving hits.

1. Magpies Softserve

Los Feliz

We’d drive miles (and miles and miles) for Magpies. It’s seriously just so good. The dairy-free flavors are unskippable in our opinion, whether or not you typically opt for alternatives. Our favorite is the iconic corn almond. And if you’re skeptical, don’t be – it tastes like sophisticated frosted flakes.

2. The Yogurt Shoppe

Brentwood & Pacific Palisades

Ever try a new serve-yourself fro-yo place only to find that the yogurt is … meh? Well fear not, because we’re here to assure you that the Yogurt Shoppe never disappoints. Swirls of chocolate, peanut butter, tart, strawberry, you name it, every flavor at the Yogurt Shoppe delivers creamy and quality satisfaction. And you can do that really fun thing where you add one circus cookie to the top of your yogurt because you just want to eat it as a snack.

Image via UberEats

3. Honeymee

Koreatown & Sawtelle

Niche ice cream experience time – is it just us or do you also love drizzling honey over ice cream to let it get slightly frozen and chewy? It’s a sticky sweet combo we can’t get enough of, and it’s a house specialty at Honeymee. But don’t forget, this is LA ice cream, so we’re working with natural raw honey. You can’t go wrong with the matcha or milk flavors, and if you want the full experience don’t forget to add the honeycomb chip.

4. Afters Ice Cream

Hollywood & Pasadena

We heart Afters! With a menu full of fun flavor options like Thai Tea, Salty Oreo, and French Toast Churro, every visit feels like an exploratory experience, and there’s something about the artisanal ingredients but playful branding that just gets it right. We’re partial to the Pasadena location, which is the perfect stop for a pick me up after a day at the Norton Simon museum. 

Image via Eater LA

5. Saffron & Rose


If you head to the Saffron & Rose website, you’ll see that it says “you’ve never tasted ice cream like this,” and we’d agree. Unless, of course, you’ve already had the pleasure of visiting Saffron & Rose and sampling the delicacy that is their soft but not melty, almost chewy and flavor-packed scoops. We personally love the Date, White Rose, Jasmine, and Pistachio flavors, but the bottom line is that you can’t go wrong.

Image via Saffron & Rose

6. The Bigg Chill

West Los Angeles

Ohhh Bigg Chill – the backbone of our childhoods, our favorite place to reunite with high school friends. There’s nothing quite like an oversized hoodie and a peanut butter swirl to feed the soul. A couple pro tips ahead of your visit – Bigg Chill is cash only, but there’s an ATM on site. You’ll get way more toppings if you order them on the side. The flavors rotate but you can never go wrong with Peanut Butter and Ghirardelli chocolate. The parking lot is a mess – we’d stay clear. And lastly, get the Funfetti vegan cookie dough over the chocolate chip. Trust us on that.

Image via MapQuest

7. Go Greek

Beverly Hills & Santa Monica

We would never say no to a Go Greek outing. This self-serve Greek frozen yogurt joint is our go-to when we’re looking for a healthier dessert option. It feels almost too good to be true. They have their house flavors of Plain Tart, Greek Honey, Wild Berry, and Chocolate with rotating flavors like Almond and Hazelnut. Also, their rose petal jam (yes you read that right) is simply one of the best things we’ve ever tasted.

Image via Groupon

Tag us @camberapp on Instagram when you visit these places or your faves! Stay cool this summer, and always opt for sprinkles 😎